Fascia in Movement
and Sport

International online event on Fascia,
Dynamic activities and Sport

12 - 13 December 2020

Fascia in Movement and Sport!!!

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12 - 13 December 2020



Adamantios Arampatzis (Greece)

Adamantios Arampatzis (PhD) is Professor of Movement Science, head of the Department of Training and Movement Sciences and Spokesperson of the Berlin School of Movement Science at the Humboldt-University Berlin. He received his PhD in Movement Science and Sports Medicine in 1995 and finished his habilitation in Biomechanics in 2002 at the German Sport University Cologne.

Andrzej Pilat (Poland)

Andrzej Pilat, PT is a Physiotherapist and a Specialist in Manual Therapy. He is the creator of the Myofascial Induction approach, and Director of the School of Myofascial Therapies Tupimek, Madrid – Spain.

Antonio Stecco (Italy)

Dr. Stecco is a graduate in Medicine and Surgery, and specialized in Physics Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Padua, Italy. His areas of prevalent scientific and clinical interest are anatomy of the fascia corporis via dissections and histological studies, including immunohistochemical and molecular biology; study and clinical application of hyaluronic acid; and myofascial syndrome. Following the techniques developed by his father, Luigi Stecco, PT, Dr. Stecco co-authored with his sister, Carla Stecco, MD Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain.

Bernardo Neme Ide (Brasil)

Graduated in Sports Sciences at Unicamp. Master and Doctor in Biodynamics of Human Movement at Unicamp. He has experience in Physical Education, focusing on sports training.

Carla Stecco (Italy)

Orthopedic Surgeon, Full Professor of Human Anatomy and Movement Sciences at the University of Padua. Founding member of the Fascial Manipulation Association and the Fascial Research Society.

James Earls (Irland)

He is a writer, speaker and bodyworker, specializing in myofascial release and structural integration. In recent years he has focused on combining movement with manual therapy to create a new approach, the “Active Fascial Release”.

Jan-Paul Van Wingerden (Holland)

Dr. Jan-Paul van Wingerden is a specialist in functional anatomy in lumbar rehabilitation, balance in the biopsychosocial model with a call for the re-evaluation of functional anatomy in chronic pain rehabilitation.

Jan Wilke (Germany)

Dr. Wilke leads the “Fascia and Locomotor System” research group and has been the keynote speaker at numerous international conferences. Advises and works with various sports federations and elite athletes. In 2018 and 2019 he was a physical trainer for the former world tennis number. 1 Angelique Kerber.

Mette Hansen (Denmark)

Post-Dra. Hansen develops research in Nutritional Biochemistry, Nutrition and Dietetics and Sports Medicine, with particular attention to optimizing recovery and training adaptation through nutritional interventions, as well as the effect of endogenous and exogenous female hormones on skeletal muscle.

Keith Baar (USA)

Professor at UC Davis and renowned tendon training researcher and expert.  He received his PhD from the University of Illinois where he discovered the molecular signal that causes load-induced muscle hypertrophy.  Keith is currently the head of the Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory (FMBLab) at the University of California Davis.

Robert Schleip (Germany)

Dr. Schleip is a human biologist and psychologist. His area of ​​specialization is fascia research. Vice-president of the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation and board member of the Fascia Research Society.

Sérgio Fonseca (Brasil)

Dr. Fonseca has experience in the field of Physiotherapy, with particular attention to Human Functional Performance, working mainly on the following topics: functional stability, tissue biomechanics, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries in sports and motor behavior.

Pratical Sections

Anna Maria Vitali (Italia)

Dr. Anna Maria Vitali has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, she is an internationally recognized Master Trainer of Pilates and Fascial Training. She will present a work of integration of the latest studies of the fascial system with the Pilates method, and a work dedicated to the diaphragm and its complex functions.

Divo Muller (Germany)

She is an alternative practitioner and body therapist. One of the pioneers of modern movement programs. Together with Dr. Robert Schleip and an international team of sports scientists, he developed the Fascial Fitness training program.

Johannes Freiberg (Brasil)

Graduated in Physical Education from the University of Sao Paulo in 1983. His postgraduate studies in Aging Sciences at the São Judas Tadeu University are linked to studies on motor control in the aging process of the fascial system. He has been a member of the Fascia Research Society since 2016.

John Sharkey (Irland)

Clinical anatomist, exercise physiologist and manual therapist John Sharkey will lead this exciting somatic exploration infused with the science of biotensegrity. Sharkey is a member of the Olympic Council’s medical and science team and runs a successful chronic pain clinic.

Karin Gurtner (Switzerland)

Founder and director of the Art of Motion Academy; developer of the Slings Myofascial Training concept, Anatomy Trains in Motion education and the contemporary Pilates curriculum.

Laurice Nemetz (USA)

He is Adjunct Professor at Pace University, Graduated in Creative Arts Therapist, Fellow of the American Association for Anatomy, Certified Fellow of the Academy of Dance / Movement Therapists, Stott Pilates Instructor, Yoga Alliance Training Provider, Certified Yoga Therapist and Teacher, Faculty Anatomical trains and dryer in the plastination project of the fascial network.

Gary Carter (England) (Fascia Plastination Projecy)

Gary Carter has over 30 years of experience in physical movement training, anatomical study and bodywork practices. Teaching Anatomy of Movement and Fascial Anatomy for Yoga, Yoga teacher training, Pilates teacher training and massage schools, hospital physiotherapists, dance and martial arts training. He conducts dissection studies for student teachers with Julian Baker and is a member of the Fascial Net Plastination project.

Fascia is a connective tissue that forms a vast network that integrates the whole body: muscle, nerve, bone and epithelial tissues. Of great elasticity and resistance, its main functions are: to reduce friction, increase strength and generate information.

Over the past 20 years, fascia studies have shown that this connection network is essential. This tissue perceives and transmits forces, as well as coordinating the functions of the entire body.

During the event, the role of the Fascia in Movement and dynamic sports activities and daily physical activities will be the common thread.

Having a 360 ° view of the human fascia, with internationally renowned speakers who will analyze topics such as: development of strength, speed and mobility, postural organization and locomotion, as well as issues related to motor performance, such as nutrition and hormones.

The event is recommended for all movement and sports professionals and students. Including physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths, physiatrists, yoga and pilates instructors, personal trainers, physical educators, athletes and all specialists in related activities.

2-day admission: all practical and theoretical content on Saturday and Sunday

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12 – 13 December 2020

13h30 – 19h00 CET (ROME)

12h30 – 18h00 GMT (LONDON)

7h30 – 13h00 EST (NEW YORK)

20h30 – 2h00 SGT (SINGAPORE)

9h30 – 13h00 BZT (SÃO PAULO)


14 hours
of streaming event

80 euro / early bird ticket 60 euro


After the great success of Fascia for Research, Fascia Experience® and Fascia Research Online Summit 2020, we now present a new online event Fascia in Movement and Sport (FMS) an event that was born from the partnership between Universidade da Fascia (Latin America) and Fisicamente Formazione (Europe).

Fisicamente Formazione (Itália)

For more than 10 years our training and refresher courses represent excellence for Exercise Science students, Physiotherapists, Yoga Teachers and Personal Trainers, Dancers and Professional Sportsmen, worldwide. Was founded, in Italy, by Anna Maria Vitali and we have been organizing different events with International Presenters like: Fascia Retreat, Fascia for Research and Fascia Research Online Summit 2020

Universidade da Fascia (Brasile)

We are a group of professionals who have been dedicated to promoting and disseminating information about the importance of movement in motor development and performance. Our focus is education and we believe that physical activities are a means of bringing people together, bringing knowledge about self-care and self-management of health. Responsible for organizing the Fascia Experience® in 2019.

Fascia Research Group (Alemanha)

Fascia Research Project is a collaboration between the Technical University of Munich (Professorship of Conservative and Rehabilitative Orthopedics) and the non-profit association for research support Verein zur Förderung der Faszienforschung e.V. , based in Germany. In close cooperation with other international research groups devoted to the rapidly developing field of fascia research, we attempt to explore the biomechanical, sensorial and physiological properties of the body wide fascial network in the human body from an evidence oriented perspective.

Fascia in Movement
and Sport

How can I participate in the event?

The event will be live streaming. All event access information will be provided 24 hours before the event starts. To participate in the event you need a PC / Tablet / Smartphone, a good internet connection. No registration is required on any Zoom or Skype platform.

When will it be possible to attend the event?

Whenever you want! The event can watched at any time after the start of the streaming. All the material will be available for all the subscribers. 

The live streaming on a dedicated channel will begin on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 December 2020 at 13.30PM CET (Italian Time). Access to the live streaming can be done anytime the event has started. The user has the option to continue following the live broadcast or to start watching the event from the beginning. The event will remain available for all the users until February 2020

Is there a requirement to attend the event?

No. The only requirement to participate is to be interested in the subject and willing to learn from the greatest experts in the world!

In what language will the eventbe held?

English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Fascia in Movement
and Sport

Fascia in Movement
and Sport

12 - 13 December 2020