The Studio – Fisicamente Formazione


Diversified lessons for a complete training, to make your body strong and flexible at the same time.

The Studio offers individual lessons (Personal), shared lessons for two or three people (Shared Personal) or small groups lessons.

Group lessons have no more than 5 participants for machine lessons and no more than 8 participants for mat lessons. This ensures that each participant can be guided and assisted with care and attention.

Some lessons are simpler while others may be more demanding depending on the student’s needs and degree of training. It is always advisable to do courses of the right level and follow the instructors’ advice.

Every participant will have a machine to use!

  • 6 Reformer Allegro including Tower
  • 6 Exo Chair
  • 6 MOTR
  • 6 Step Barrel
  • 6 Suspension training seats
  • 1 Trapeze Table
  • 1 Ladder Barrel
  • 1 Combo Chair


Free body Pilates lessons with the use of some equipment such as ring, rollers or soft balls.


The Reformer is a special sliding bed that allows you to perform a wide range of dynamic exercises for a complete workout that creates strength and stamina, balance and flexibility.


The Tower or Cadillac is a machine with a special spring system that facilitates the performance of exercises, allowing you to achieve optimal performance; therefore it is suitable when starting a training programme.


The Chair is made with unstable pedals so to improve strength and increase muscle elasticity and the mobility of the spine.


The Motr is a versatile machine that can be used to improve balance, stamina and strength.


The Bodhi offers infinite possibilities of suspending the body from 4 different points. Additionally, each suspension point can be used to add strength, flexibility, balance and many other proprioceptive challenges.


The Step Barrel is a small machine that is used to improve strength and increase muscle elasticity and spine mobility.