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Fisicamente Formazione trains new movement experts. The Pilates method and myofascial techniques are based on a solid scientific evidence.

Anna Maria Vitali's C.V.

Anna Maria Vitali’s C.V.

Master Trainer Pilates and founder of Fisicamente Formazione s.r.l.s.


Anna Maria Vitali began practicing Pilates in 1980 at the London Contemporary Dance School, with Alan Herdman. Professional dancer and choreographer, she graduated with honors in medicine and surgery at the Sapienza University of Rome. She has always integrated her creative and motor-based background with the study of other methodologies, such as the Mézières Method, the Bertherat Method and proprioceptive gymnastics.

Fisicamente Formazione s.r.l.s. was founded in 2015 by Anna Maria Vitali, with the aim of optimizing the training courses that had already been taking place at A.S.D. Fisicamente since 2005.

A.S.D. Fisicamente continues to offer Pilates lessons for those who wish to train and keep fit in the correct way. (for more info please click on STUDIO)

Fisicamente Formazione’s training activity is aimed at physical education students, physiotherapists, professional dancers and sportsmen. Our goal is to enhance your teaching performance, providing you with specific training and post-rehabilitation programmes, through methods such as Pilates and many other motor techniques related to the myofascial systems.

Fisicamente Formazione aims to:

  • develop new teaching and teach motor skills;
  • spread new knowledge about physical education;
  • train new, competent professionalscreare;
  • spread a motor skill approach that is able to ensure a full and healthy workout;
  • guarantee instructors continuing training;
  • promote internationally renowned teachers.

Fisicamente Formazione trains:

  • PILATES INSTRUCTORS: Matwork, Reformer and Comprehensive;
  • FASCIAL FITNESS INSTRUCTORS: interdisciplinary training for Pilates, Yoga and Dancer instructors, and also for clinical professionals such as physiotherapists, doctors and osteopaths;
  • MYOFASCIAL TRAINING programs (for Pilates instructors): Fascia in Motion (posture), Fascia in Action (dynamic activity), both on matwork and machines;
  • INTERNATIONAL PILATES CONFERENCES: Pilates Educational Conference (PEC) and Fascia Retreat.


100% of instructors who have gained their certification with us have found stable employment.


A customized education programme that takes into accounts each student’s level of knowledge, their objectives, and the time they have to study and learn.


Our team at Fisicamente Formazione also attends continuing training courses and can accompany our students, step by step, on their journey.



I’ve been following Anna Maria and her staff since 2010. In addition to her expertise, i was also struck by her passion and constant desire to find out more about her field of study – something you don’t always expect in such a famous and accomplished woman. Her example allowed me to take this career path with the awareness that study is the only way to prepare and transmit knowledge. A journey that I hope I will continue in mutual cooperation for a long time. Heartfelt thanks to Anna and all the staff at the Fisicamente Formazione School.


I began training with Anna Maria and Fisicamente staff a couple of years ago. I attended all the Reformer modules. I discovered this wonderful world in which i have met so many people who are full of energy, but most of all i found an expert and knowledgeable teacher which is hard to find! With Anna and the Fisicamente staff you’re always pushed to do better and their teaching material is really good! I will surely continue my journey!


Thank you Anna Maria and all staff at Fiscamente Pilates for organising this amazing retreat in Montegrotto. It is my second year and it gets better and better! It has been an incredible 4 intense days of learning with inspirational movement professionals opening our minds to new possibilities. Thank you Anna Maria for your passion, commitment and professionalism, already looking forward to next year!


I’m attending the second module of Reformer 2. Fisicamente school is well organized, Daniela Vitali is really kind. The teacher Anna Maria Vitali explains the material well and clearly and is really well prepared. I’m getting ready for the third module, wish me luck! Thank you everybody.


Since i got certified and while painting my room i’m creating ‘support diagonals’, I really believe I learned a lot about the ways to make my body more functional!
I must thank Anna Maria and her excellent staff for their expert guide.
Three years of courses, updates and meetings, always interesting and managed with hard to find love and precision.


Summer School was an intense and rich experience. Many thanks to the staff and Anna Maria, both professional and well prepared. Their life reminds us the need to study and practice to become good teachers.


Wonderful and interesting retreat in Montegrotto, Pilates is finally completed and becomes a method that evolves along with new scientific discoveries, thus becoming more competent, dynamic and, we could also say, more fun! Thank you.


Great staff!
Anna Maria perfect as usual.
Every time she’s more updated. A modern study and at the forefront of Pilates.
Thank you.


I’m so happy to have attended Fascia Retreat 10 days ago: a seminar rich in information and new encounters: teachers and other students! I found open and approachable people – plus excellent professionalism and organization. Thank you all.