Fascia for Research – Covid – 19


STREAMING Online (All in English)

Studies on the fascia have shown over the past 20 years that this tissue is a fundamental connection network. It perceives and transmits forces, as well as coordinates the functions of the whole body.

In this dramatic moment, in which the whole world is shocked by the tragedy of the epidemic, and most of the population is forced in a lockdown condition, technology allows us to stay tuned in a strong and cohesive community. 

Today, an international group of Fascia experts/researchers have decided to devote their own time and skills to raise funds for research, totally for free and on a voluntary basis.

Thanking all those who generously agreed to contribute to this solidarity event, we hope that this common effort can be a vehicle for a message of hope, responsibility and trust in science and research.

Main experts who agreed to contribute: Carla Stecco, Antonio Stecco, Andry Vleeming, Serge Gracovetsky, JC Guimberteau, Robert Schleip, Neil Theise, Phillip Beach, Anna Maria Vitali, Divo Muller, Jan-Paul van Wingerden, Caterina Fede, Carmelo Pirri, Alessandro Pedrelli, Daniela Meinl

Suggested registration fee (80 euros) for a 1-day streaming event.

The entire fundraising will be donated to Institute for Infectious Diseases “LAZZARO SPALLANZANI” in Rome, for the research of Covid – 19 and for the realization of

  • a study of virus biology with two-dimensional and three-dimensional in vitro culture models;
  • a study of pathogenesis by infection and severity marker;

Thanks to all those who want to contribute by donating their registration fee to the event.

Why the “LAZZARO SPALLANZANI” IRCCS Institute in Rome?

The virologists of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Lazzaro Spallanzani”, less than 48 hours after the diagnosis of positivity for the first two patients in Italy, managed to isolate the virus responsible for the infection, the first institute in Europe.

The chance to have the virus isolated and available in a such a short time has been fundamental to allow the entire research community on Covid – 19 to refine existing diagnostic methods and set up new ones. The partial sequence of the virus isolated in the Spallanzani laboratories, called 2019-nCoV / Italy-INMI1, has already been deposited in the GenBank database, and contextually the virus has been made available to the international scientific community.


Currently the IRCCS “LAZZARO SPALLANZANI” in Rome is at the forefront of research on Covid – 19

The suggested registration fee for the event is 80 euros for the whole day.

The event could be followed in streaming on a YouTube channel, which will be communicated to you after completing the registration to the event.

The entire fundraising will be completely donated for research.