Alessandro Pedrelli (Cesena, 1980) is a physiotherapist and he is a yoga
teacher and a Fascial handling ® lecturer.
His knowledge and experience have allowed mr Pedrelli to connect the
charming world of yoga to the scientific study of the fascial treatment.
Alessandro Pedrelli is a certified Fascial manipulator, he practices the
Stecco® method since 2003 in his personal studio. He teaches all around
Italy and he has started a learning process in India and in the Philippines.
He was called to be a lecturer during the Fascia Congress in Boston and
Amsterdam and he took part in the Manila International Physiotherapy
Convention. He is the pioneer of the first two articles on the Fascia and on
the Fascial handling ® method.
He is the president & director of the Yoga Mala Cesena, which promotes
the mental and physical benefits of the Yoga method.
He was a Yoga professor at the University of Padova, together with
Professor Carla Stecco (anatomy) and Anna Maria Vitali (Pilates).